Incredibly intuitive

Thanks to the immediacy of the Qr Code and the simple navigation MyRealMenu is the tool suitable for all types of customers.


The choice between 9 different languages is immediate and intuitive.


Show the ingredients of each course, facilitating customer choice.


The menu will always be display perfectly, on any type of mobile, laptop or tablet.


MyRealMenu use an Https protocol, ensuring maximum privacy within an SSL-encrypted connection.

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A unique product

The arrival on the market of new devices such as smart phones and tablets, has literally changed the concept of use of the web. Being "online" is no longer enough, you need to be visible from any device, always. The cross-plattform mode developed for MyRealMenu offers this incredible possibility.


Images quality

High resolution images that allow customers to foretaste each dishes.

New paths

MyRealMenu allows you to undertake new ways of communication, publish the menu on social media, print flyers...

User experience

The images associated with an intuitive design allow to improve the experience that customers perceive from the local.


Every customer who has used the service will become a potential ally in making your place know.

Cloud Computing

Based on Cloud Computing system your customers can reach the information instantly

Auto-scaling service

With Auto Scaling, our system is automatically adjusts applications capacity to maintain steady fast connection.

Lettore Qr

Check the App of your device, if there is not a Qr Code reader you can download one here for free.

The solution for every demand

MyRealMenu is a tool that can accompany a day's event or a large chain of restaurants.
The activation of the service involves a one-time variable cost based on customer's needs and the items to be photographed; the renewal consists in the sole costs of managing the service.

Frequently Asked Question

Do you need help? Here You'll find all the answers we have created for the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

What is needed?

We must be able to photograph every aspect of your Menu and to do this we will brig all the necessary stuff; we only ask for a dedicated space no bigger than a small table for two and an electrical outlet (if the photos are taken during normal service hours we ask to have a minimum of privacy).

How much time?

We give an availability of up to three hours to perform the shots; it is our concern to arrive in advance for the bureaucratic formalities, prepare everything necessary, prepare the location and calibrate the equipment, only from that moment the three hours will be calculated. We ask the courtesy to prepare in advance as many courses as possible (cold starters and similar).

After the photos what I have to do?

Nothing. MyRealMenu is made to help, not to be a further thought. After our collaborators will have performed the shots we will begin the process of digitizing the menu, photo editing (to optimize every single photo), translations, generate the Qr code and the preparation and printing of the supports such as personalized business cards, place cards , stickers and what is expected during the signing of the contract. This part of realization lasts about 3/4 weeks. Once everything has been prepared and verified, communication will be sent via email (or by phone on specification) in which you will be asked to pay the invoice issued (in case it has not already been done). Within 48 hours from the receipt of the payment, all the requested material will be sent by express courier and contextually the online service will be activated. In the first two weeks from the activation of the service it will be possible to ask for possible modifications to the texts; once this phase has been completed, any modification is to be considered an extra transaction to the stipulated service and the company must be directly agreed upon written or telephone communication.